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      Talent Concept
      Talent strategy is the prerequisite and important guarantee for the implementation of Kende's strategy. Kende adheres to the concept that "human resources are the first resource of an enterprise".
      • Talent View

        Talent is the most important resource of an enterprise, and it is the primary productive force.
      • Employment concept

        Both morals and talents are given priority to morals; quantity is applicable, and people do their best; "learning at work, growing in learning"
      • Keep one's mind

        Retaining people with a cause, retaining people with a mechanism, retaining people with emotions, and retaining people with reasonable treatment.
      Training development
      Integrate personal value with corporate culture, provide ample space for full development and various training conditions, achieve a win-win situation for the company and personal value, and achieve the goal of sustainable development.
      • Gather talent
        People of insight who have "dreamed" have joined Kende, integrated into various professional teams, exerted their advantages, and "brave forward" with us.
      • Nurturing talent
        Create a diverse and inclusive environment, respect each other, discover and develop employee potential, provide support, and focus on improvement.
      • Talent achievement
        Provide a fair development platform and diversified development paths, so that employees can achieve the company's goals and vision while achieving personal value.
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